The Epsilon Account is an exciting blend of sci-fi and fantasy that will keep you on the edge of your seat; Joni Parker delivers a fast-paced, action-packed story that explores an intriguing new world.
Lady Alexin Dumwalt is the new “Keeper of Keys” in her society of elves, which means that she’s responsible for a four thousand year payment of gold to the Mentors who created their planet, Eledon, several millennia before. But, much to her surprise, the Mentors have come to collect a few hundred years early — something that hasn’t happened in the entire time since the elves were banished from Earth. Furthermore, they’ve come to collect the debt in its entirety. When Lady Alexin catches wind of a conspiracy, she must investigate this strange request in order to protect her people from the consequences of failing to honor the Golden Harvest. She soon learns that a nefarious enemy is behind the murderous intergalactic scheme and that getting to the bottom of it will take far more than she realized.

The Epsilon Account offers a unique premise with rich world-building. Parker creates a believable and fascinating future that sets the stage for the events of the book and, perhaps even more so, entices readers into looking forward to future instalments of The Golden Harvest series. The way that Parker blends elements of fantasy and science fiction is, in and of itself, a delight, but the mystery at the center of the story takes her genre bending to the next level and keeps the reader constantly itching to learn more. Among these highlights of the novel, its standout feature is the strength of its protagonist. Despite the completely original premise of the book, Parker manages to write a strikingly relatable character in an all-too-familiar situation, one in which a promising but inexperienced person finds themselves in a high-pressure role only to face unprecedented challenges for which they are not quite prepared. On top of her relatability, readers are won over even more by her plucky personality.

While none of the other characters are quite as compelling as Alex, they are interesting enough to keep the narrative moving at a good pace. The book also has a quirky sense of humor that readers
are bound to appreciate; there’s something in the way that this race of elves in a land far away share the mundane realities and concerns of modern society that is inherently comical. Despite the high- concept of the novel, characters are still concerned with things like “going to work” or “planning a birthday”. Readers will undoubtedly value the sense of playfulness this injects into the narrative.

The Epsilon Account is a highly enjoyable and entertaining read that will appeal to fans of sci-fi, fantasy, and mystery; it is a quirky ride that will leave you with plenty of questions about the rich world in which it takes place.