Filled with topical advice and monologues to use in auditions, 101 Awesome Original Monologues for 20 – Somethings is an excellent resource for both new and budding actors.

The book opens with helpful advice on how to read it. The authors stress that an actor should use the monologues and apply their own creative approach to them. There is an explanation on how each monologue is labelled, such as suggested gender, age range, and type of monologue, to help an actor choose the right one. They stress that an actor must be ready with 2 to 3 different monologues to showcase their range of talent. Most importantly, they describe the importance of choosing the right dramatic monologue. A dramatic monologue should take the audience on a 2-minute journey. Any actor will undoubtedly find ones that pack emotional punches in this book.

The authors also bring a wealth of experience in the “Audition Tips” and “Biz Tips” sections by clearly outlining how to approach auditions. They include tips such as don’t shake hands, keep headshots updated when you change your appearance and how to structure an acting CV. In addition, the book spends time providing advice on videotaped auditions using tools such as an iPhone for recording, which is important for actors who may only be accustomed to live auditions.

Overall, the book is well organized and easy to flip through to find a monologue that an actor is interested in and would like to rehearse. Each monologue is relatable and realistic and covers a range of emotions. They are also only about 1 to 2 minutes long which makes them an ideal length for auditioning for a role. The structure is also well suited to actors. With one monologue on each page, it is easy for actors to focus on reading one monologue at a time without distractions.

New actors will reach for this book whenever they need material for auditions, and to remind themselves of audition dos and don’ts. In addition, the authors’ years of experience make their writing style clear and easy to understand, with a helpful, no-nonsense approach that readers will come to appreciate.

With 101 Awesome Original Monologues for 20 – Somethings, Joyce Storey and Talia Pura have created a well-organized book with a wide variety of monologues that actors can use to improve their acting range. It is filled with fresh material for auditions and tips that will help actors get their first audition.