The Three Stones of Ebon by David and Keiko Mello is a captivating middle grade fantasy that takes readers on a thrilling journey to the wondrous world of Sturgus in a high-stakes adventure.
Follow eleven-year-old Jack, whose seemingly ordinary life in Seattle takes an unexpected turn when he is gifted a mysterious urn from the eccentric neighbor who is determined to have him fulfill an ancient prophecy.

In a whirlwind of events, Jack and his clever cat, Lucky, are whisked to a fantastical realm where a caveman and a halfling witch launch them on a quest to find three magical stones and free Ebon, the once-grand king of the flying horses, who was long ago defeated, heart, mind, and soul. Jack and Lucky are Ebon’s only hope, but the enchanted stones have been scattered across the land and time is running out.

Pale, a cruel sorcerer from a land of evil defeated Ebon three millennia ago and has ruled over Sturgus with an iron fist ever since. He will stop at nothing to ensure the powerful flying horse king stays locked away. Not only must Jack find the stones and free Ebon, but he must face Pale’s deadly hireling, an assassin suffering from a curse of perpetual dampness.

The Mellos skilfully present a vividly imagined world filled with talking cats, intriguing creatures, ability-granting potions, and gripping battles between good and evil. Jack’s quest leads him to startling discoveries about the history of Sturgus with implications that awaken him to the marvels of his mundane life back home.

In this spellbinding adventure, David and Keiko Mello craft a masterful story that blends action, wonder, and mystery with satisfying twists and turns. Jack’s remarkable journey will resonate with young readers, inspiring them to explore the depths of their own creativity. The Three Stones of Ebon is a heart-pounding, page-turning odyssey that invites readers to dive headfirst into a mesmerizing world that will redefine the boundaries of the impossible.