In Stolen Moments, Ernesto Atkinson gifts art enthusiasts with his captivating collection of fifty evocative visual works expressing the mind in its many complex and fascinating aspects.
Presented in both English and Spanish, his explorations delve into the human condition, providing a range of unique creative depictions that showcase his most introspective moments.

Created during brief interludes between Art Therapy sessions with his clients, Atkinson’s non-linear approach to storytelling contains elements of intrigue blended with wonder for a depth of thought that carries a profound emotional impact. His artistic celebration of spontaneity, inspired by the chemistry between the world and its inhabitants, adds a sense of rawness and authenticity to his work.

The heart of Stolen Moments lies in its exploration of society, history, truth, wonder, and how we relate to others and ourselves. Atkinson skilfully weaves intuition and symbolism into a visual symphony that resonates deep within the soul. He leans heavily into dreamlike expressionism reminiscent of Andre Breton, father of surrealism, though Atkinson’s signature style gives his artwork a unique flavor all its own.

Throughout this compilation, readers encounter memorable pieces. Atkinson offers readers a stunning image of a quetzal as a representation of his spirituality in “The Spirit of the Quetzal.” In “The Rust of My Blood,” he pays homage to the fleeting nature of creativity. “Does Not Fit in My Soul” explores the pressure created by societal norms and the sense of differentness that it establishes. “The Neighborhood of My Mind” is a map of inner self-reflections.

Stolen Moments is a dazzling display of thoughts made manifest in vibrantly illuminating perspective. Each image is brought to life by an accompanying insightful explanation with a rhythm or phrase that evokes new meaning. Ernesto Atkinson’s ability to awaken the spirit through visual art is extraordinary and will fascinate readers who seek a deeper connection with their creative world.