My Theatre of Memory: A Life in Words is a profound memoir that explores the intricacies of Adriana A. Davies’s life from her tender arrival as a young immigrant in Edmonton during the 1950s to the prevailing challenges of the present, encompassing the many unforeseen tribulations she has encountered in her life.
Davies artfully weaves intimate narratives of her family’s immigration, along with details of her scholarly pursuits and the experiences that shaped her career as a museum director and historian.

Born at the tail end of World War II, Davies recounts her childhood views consisting of the ravaged landscape of her close-knit community. When she was young, her father emigrated to Canada, leaving the rest of the family to wait for their chance to join him. This was a stressful time for Davies, as any illness could prevent the family from undertaking the journey. She recounts the memories of her youth, vivid in detail and rich in sensory description. Throughout the book, she expresses gratitude for the people and experiences that impacted her life.

Upon finally relocating to Alberta, Davies was forced to bid her familiar Italian homeland farewell and acclimate to a new way of life. A yearning for adventure helped ease her passage across the ocean to become reacquainted with a father she hardly knew after two years of separation. Her love of learning became a guiding force, helping her adapt to her new surroundings and excel in her education. Her zest for life is both inspiring and heart-warming as it shines through her recollections, allowing readers to feel like they have stepped into the past with her.

Throughout her life, threads of academia, marriage, and career are pursued with commendable determination and resilience, leading her onward like a shining star. Her dedication earned her a life of accomplishment. Before age thirty, she had completed a PhD, married, and begun working in a professional capacity. Comprehensively detailed, Davies’s book is organized by topic, then chronologically, allowing her to easily address topics that span multiple life stages.

My Theatre of Memory offers a glimpse into the life of an extraordinary woman whose individuality converges with those of her ancestry to form a complex tapestry of interconnectedness. Adriana A. Davies eloquently highlights the importance of viewing life events through a broad lens in order to better recognize how our shared histories shape us as individuals. Her words transcend the personal sphere, serving as an ode to the shared bonds that unite humanity.