In today’s rapidly changing world of business, organizations—both large and small—need an edge, not only to survive, but to thrive and come out ahead. Hiring Veterans: How To Leverage Military Talent for Organizational Growth by Matthew J. Louis offers business leaders an in-depth look at how to hire, train and retain military talent to do just that.
In Hiring Veterans, Matthew J. Louis, a retired lieutenant colonel himself, shares the full breadth and depth of his experience on what it takes to build a qualified, trained, and dedicated talent pool of veterans. The book is structured into nine chapters with detailed appendices that offer a road map on the full process—from organizing a veteran support program, to identifying and recruiting candidates, to on-boarding and training veterans, to measuring success and building on lessons learned—the book offers a wealth of information that acts as a step-by-step guide employers can use to implement a successful veteran hiring program.

The book is engaging, methodical and incredibly well-researched. Seeking to dispel common myths and stereotypes against veterans in the workplace, the book does a wonderful job at highlighting why veterans make such great employees and uses important data and research findings to explain key points and support well-made arguments. A standout feature of the book is how it incorporates perspectives of all stakeholders involved—from the veteran, to their spouse, to the companies seeking to launch veteran support programs (for-profit, nonprofit, commercial), to the government, and more, the book highlights how hiring veterans can increase the productivity of an entire organization and, by extension, the entire economy.

As a go-to coach for veterans and military spouses who has worked for some of the world’s most prestigious organizations, Louis pulls no punches. He pulls you in with stories, examples, and lessons that teach you exactly what you need to do to recruit and retain bright and talented members of the military, taking you by the hand to explain why it is so worthwhile for your company and our society as a whole. Through his down-to-earth, conversational writing style, it is clear that Louis is committed to helping others accomplish both personal and professional success without compromising the ability to live a balanced, rich life. His mission of empowering veterans to make a smooth transition to civilian life and obtain a job that brings them deep fulfillment is a testament to his admirable character. The carefully nuanced, very pertinent, and experienced insights that Louis has captured are rarely covered and deeply value-adding, making this book a must read for leaders who want their employees to achieve their highest potential within their company.

With game-changing insights and practical information, Hiring Veterans is a book that every organization should add to their toolbox.